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Basic Sites From R399/month

E-Commerce Sites From R949/month

What we do

We’re a small team with over 35 years’ collective experience. We’ve done it all, for us & for others… we know what works and what doesn’t.
Pineapple on pizza, for instance, doesn’t #ProveUsWrong

Web & E-Commerce Development

From a simple landing page to a large e-commerce store, we’ve got you covered.
E-Commerce is kind of our forté #NotToBrag


All Things Google

We’re REALLY good at making Google let people know you exist and we get it done with any amount of budget.
Ads, Adwords, SEO… we do them all!

Hosting & Maintenance

Already have a site, but not happy with the hosting, or the maintenance plan, upkeep & changes are too expensive? Talk to us!

Analytics & Report

In need of a report on your site, traffic, speeds, customer acquisitions etc… let us give some insights.

Responsive Websites & Conversions

We ensure websites are mobile friendly.

Have a website that you’d want to make more mobile friendly? Let us know and we’ll help!



Support & Communication

We put this under “what we do” as we’re really good at communication & support. We’re a small business with a small team and we rely on our customers growing their own businesses, so we ensure we support you as you support us.


YOBO was created when we saw the need for a one-stop option to create a great website for your business.
We basically thought: “Combo time! Let’s just do it all! Let’s make this really easy and affordable for everyone”.

We know what it’s like to want to get out there and share your business with everyone.

It’s what you’ll get, here You Only Brand Once.You Only Brand Once.

Websites Built in the last 24 months

Satisfied Clients, also over 24 months




SOME OF our Work

The proof is in the wudding (website pudding).
We created that amazing word, just like we created these amazing sites below…

DON’t just take our word

Here’s what our clients had to say…

YOBO Studio is currently fulfilling our Website, Google Adwords, Graphic design and Social media needs.

Working with YOBO has been a privilege for Optique Optometrists. YOBO offers great service as well as fast turnaround times.
We hope to still have a good relationship for years to come.

Leon Van Vuuren

Owner, Optique Optometrists

About 2 years ago we asked YOBO to take over our web design & maintenance services. They re-did our website beautifully & have been assisting us with the needed chances or hosting & maintenance issues ate a very affordable rate. Their response is prompt (which in my expereince with web developers is rare) and their service is premium. They have also been quick, humble & efficient in addressing any mistakes or issues we have experienced. For these reasons we would highly recommend them to anyone.

Talitha De Klerk

Owner, Rhythm Of Hope

YOBO assisted us to convert our website to an e-commerce website in 2019. Their service and input was truly remarkable. They are always willing to assist with any queries and they will walk the extra mile for their clients. Dawid and his team has createded a website that has had a major impact on our business growth this last year. We are thankful that we came across what they have to offer and appreciate putting our business best interest first.

Marita Bezuidenhout

Owner, Tummies Full of Love

Our company is rather large and has many different “moving parts”.

YOBO has embraced everything and taken on our integrations, problems, workflows etc. without any problems.

They’re much more resourceful, as well as helpful, than they let on.

Just let them know your needs and they’ll probably get you a solution without you even asking.

Mauruschka Krüger

Owner, Flair



We’re available to anyone, anywhere in the world… if our timezones differ, we’ll reply as soon as the first ray of light hits our zone.

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