E-Commerce Product Data

  • Product

  • The FULL name of your product; if you have different products that look the same, be creative and give them some names.
  • This is extremely important as it explains your product to you customer. Be as thorough as possible with regards to sizing, materials, quality, dimensions, lead-times, other special mentions (how to look after your product) etc. to rescue yourself from any future misunderstandings, returns or repeat questions #TrustUs #We’veSeenThis
  • If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry...or Google it and give your products some SKU’s
  • If you have different sizes or/and colours of a specific product, list them clearly.
  • Ensure your stock is correct and allocate it to the specific product and/or variation(s)
  • If different variations of one product has different prices, ensure you allocate pricing correctly
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  • If applicable
  • When Packaged
  • If applicable
  • Drop files here or
  • A maximum of 5 images per product/variation is allowed. Please ensure all product pictures are named accordingly. Ensure all your pictures are the highest resolution possible as we upload what we are sent. Also ensure that the product pictures are all the same orientation (either portrait/landscape). If needed, let us know which picture needs to be the product’s primary picture.
  • If your products need to be in different categories (for filter purposes), please let us know. Examples are shoes, ladies, mens, kids, ears, tables etc. Show it per product.
  • Where applicable (clothing etc) please provide a detailed size chart.

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