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We believe in long term commitments in helping our clients start and build their businesses.The focus is not on having a beautiful functioning eCommerce website, but should be on operating a sustainable eCommerce business. A beautiful site is a given when collaborating with YOBO, duh!
We will not be offering a step-by-step plan.

We assist our clients from basic websites to eCommerce business, eCommerce education, brand development as well as eBusiness training. We have experience in Retail eCommerce sites, booking websites, business-to-business websites, customisable product sites and many more!

“Your website should grow organically to suit your target market”
– Mahamat Tagetmarki.
is it as easy as 1, 2, 3?

No, Creating a successful eCommerce site is not
the same as creating an eCommerce business.

Anyone can create an eCommerce site and try to sell their products.

We will teach you the fundamental techniques on how to start and
operate your eCom-merce business just like we have taught over
50 other successful eCommerce businesses!

“Options will enhance customer satisfaction and UP your sales”

– A. Lotsso Salés.

Where to start?

Have a look at our options:

eCommerce 1
R7000 p.a. or R700pm
``I am leaving my day job to become an entrepreneur`` package
eCommerce website 
Brand blueprint
Basic eBusiness plan 
Monthly eCommerce business educational emails
How to operate my website guide
eCommerce 2
R8500 p.a. or R850pm
“I am already living the entrepreneurial life and would like to be online” package
eCommerce website
eBrand strategy 
Advanced eBusiness plan
Monthly eCommerce business educational emails
How to Operate my website guides
eCommerce 3
R10 000 p.a. or R1000 pm
“ I want to be a millionaire” package
eCommerce website 
eBrand strategy
Advanced ebusiness plan
Social media strategy /eMarketing plan
Monthly eCommerce business educational emails
How to operate my website guides
eBusiness & eCommerce education

Let’s be honest, there is no airtight step-by-step way to sell products online.
What works for salt won’t work for pepper. There is competition and without planning you will be hidden in ’n virtual corner of the web
without anyone ever noticing you with your snazzy site.

Once your website and brand has been established, (easy part), the difficult part of operating and sustaining your business starts. If you value your new investment in yourself and your future, its always wise to start with a plan!

In our experience, this is where 99% of businesses fail within the first year.
At YOBO, we have a 90% success rate after the first year and this is due to proper planning and education of our clients. Some grew so big, we had help manage their company for them. We do our business and eCommerce training via personalised conference calls and will always be available for further consultations as you require to assist you in building your eCommerce business.

Our eBusiness plans and eCommerce education packages are tailored to your business!

Please inquire for more detail and price options, its really affordable!

“Failing to plan your eCommerce business is planning to lose your Rubels. Running an eCommerce business is challenging as is any other business”

– Alexi Dmitri Ecommerov

eBusiness planning:

Besides a professional and personalised business plan tailored to make your passion grow we will teach you amongst other:

Target market
Vendors and suppliers
Financial projections
Swot analysis
Action plan
eCommers training:

We will teach you the following AMONG other thing, but the great part is, we will customise it to your own business!

Payment gateways and options
Shipping and options
Website security
Back-end management
Online purchase drivers
eCommerce conversion optimisation
Shopping behaviour
Traffic generation
eCommerce best practice
Clients we have helped
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