The B Word

Brand Blueprint
The building-block basics
Brand Strategy
Your brand game plan starting…now!
Visuals, Words, Promises & Process
Brand Blueprint

A brand blueprint is the essential building blocks of your brand.

Starting at the very beginning is a very good place to start. There’s a distinct difference between what a brand does and who a brand decides it wants to be. Many brands can sell chicken, but there’s only one Nando’s.

A brand blueprint is a series of questions answered by whoever manages the brand. Those answers are then compiled in a cheeky little document that will act as a guideline as to who your brand is, how your brand is different and how it consistently plans on communicating to the world.

If you think this is not important, need I remind you how strange and funny it was during those first few years in high school when all the boys had their voices break on them? Avoid the brand equivalent of a “ballhop”. It won’t be seen as innocent and natural in a business environment.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is essential for determining where you are and where you want to go.

Let’s be serious. A brand strategy is a strategy for your brand. It’s a game plan. It is a research document that reads like a novel all with the single-minded focus on your brand.

What about your brand? Everything about your brand. Everything on your brand, the products you sell, the competition and relevant challenges you will face today and might face in the distant future. It also works as a point of origin, where it all starts, your trajectory set in motion in order to draw data from which is interpreted, analysed & advised on in terms of your brand and its way forward.

It is an organic and ever ongoing process of new insights, research conducted, updates and sound boarding in an attempt to bring structure to your brand. Your brand won’t fail without one, but without one the process of growth goes unrecorded. Dealer’s choice.

Personal Branding
Visual branding

Anything that needs to be communicated visually from the logo to the 30 second animation.

Website content and copywriting

Any form of creative communication from social media campaigns to to the iteration of the perfect slogan.

Promises & Process

A single promise your brand makes to its clients and the process it undergoes in order to deliver. This needs to be figured out and can be a real “B” word to those with an unpracticed hand.

Social Media

The hub of all eCommerce communication, connect this one and control all the others, a 3-in-1 deal. Have this up your sleeve and you might not even have to pay a cent in other forms of advertising!


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– Dawid P. Stoltz