Time Vs. Money

Let’s face it, nobody wants to work for free and no one should ever work for free.

The problem we face today is that employers will always be looking for ways to cut on their expenses and most often that does not bode well for employees and freelancers alike. It does not bode well for young entrepreneurs either who might step into this pitfall.

The overarching theme or this post is as the title suggests “time vs. money”. In order to get what you want, you need to make it worth your time either via milestone achievement or, that’s right, you guessed it, money. It needs to be enough money as too little money offered to those too desperate to say no to it will produce work of poor quality and quickly justify it by saying that little money results in little time and effort spent on whatever it is they had to do. 

This is our sincere advice to all those looking to pursue their own little ventures. Ask your price and stick to your guns because there’s nothing worse than working yourself to death at a financial loss. 

We often see how inexperienced entrepreneurs are afraid to ask for money in exchange for the services they provide only to have their ventures collapse as it has become not worth the effort to pursue it, no matter how good the idea or intent behind it. Don’t allow your dreams to be crushed by fear of not being affordable to all. 

Once more, ask your reasonable price and stick to it before making a drastic increase.

Good luck!

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