Is Social Media worth it?

Depends! No, not the diaper brand.
It depends on where you are in your entrepreneurial process.

In almost all cases it will be expected of businesses of all shapes and sizes to commit and change with the times.

It simply shows that you care and that you won’t be making use of medieval methods of communication when your customers want to find out a little more on your brand. In other cases, your business will have a massive and expensive learning curve of marketing without a virtual voice and it can all be bypassed with 5 minutes of daily effort.

We know, the same applies to exercise and yet obesity is a serious social issue.

What do we do?

The first step

Is to determine where you are in your process.  If you are an old and established brand of 20 year with a solid client base, consider making the switch. You might find that your company is received with open arms online and all that is required of you is to maintain an online presence. It’s no big deal, you can even outsource the work to someone else at a very reasonable rate.

If you are a brand new eCommerce store in the 21st century, you should already have all your social media platforms online and active. Seriously, if you don’t then, stop what you’re doing and create them ASAP! The virtual world waits for no one without exceptions. Social media will be one of your biggest and freest marketing tools available and you should either outsource the work to professionals or do some serious research on how the algorithms operate depending on what you can afford at this very moment.

If you are somewhere in between, established in your local community, not selling anything online, wandering if you should make the leap? Just do it. You will have to eventually and if it were up to your competitors, you would never make the jump. You don’t have to pay anyone if you don’t want to. Just try it out for yourself. Stretch out your virtual feelers, follow the accounts of local shop owners and regular customers and enjoy the slow, yet steady stream of information coming your way. Internalise what you see and be prepared to jump at any opportunities  you might spot. We promise that you will see them. 

Step two 

is to decide whether or not you are committed enough to manage your brand’s social media presence. Unfortunately, it is a lot of work at first and the experience can be daunting. Fortunately, the cost is completely up to you when it comes to the creation and running of adverts and boosted posts. The smallest brand can consider promoting their post on one of their better selling products for as little as 50 rand a week on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Step three

is a little tricky, but only for a few seconds. Once you’ve decided that you need to be online and you would like to advertise our brand online, you need to decide on if you will be going solo or choosing one of the many social media management companies out there. If you are going to attempt it on your own, we wish you the best of luck. You have reached your conclusion and we hope to see you fly. If you’ve decided on outsourcing your online voice, you need to look at companies or freelance social media managers in your area. Ironically, the best way to find these individuals or companies is by simply monitoring your social media feed. If they are good enough, they will reveal themselves and you will have your match hopefully. If you don’t manage at all, consider the people who’s blog you read so enthusiastically.

We are always here to help if you are in a pickle, just say the word!

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