Top 7 Tips for Black Friday 2019!

Are you the owner of an eCommerce website?

We hope you’ve thought out what your plans will be for this year’s #BlackFridaySales!

Every year they grow in their intensity across the world (except for Canada and Finland).

We are in South Africa and as you can imagine, we’ve embraced the culture of shopping deals a long time ago.

Here are the top ten international bits of advice from #BlackFriday veterans all in one convenient blog post.

1-Easy in, easy out 

Make the checkout process as simple as possible.
You will have an unavoidable swarm of consumers all overloading your site and
possibly making it crash. Be sure to have easy payment methods in place such as
PayPal, SnapScan, Zapper, and PayFlex in order to get those impulse buyers
through your virtual shop without needing to stop.

2-I am here!

Make yourself and your existence known by planning an amazing social media
strategy in order to position yourself in as many minds of consumers as possible.

They can’t shop in your store if they don’t know that it exists!


Be sure to have your site in the best condition possible.
You have the entire November to make sure there are no glitches,
hitches or hurdles when navigating around your shop!

4-Pre-paid Nation

South Africa is a country with its main source of access to the internet via smartphone.
Logic dictates that your site should be optimized for mobile use from the start,
but for those who haven’t gotten around to it yet should
Get It Got before it’s too late!

5-D-Day Preppers

 Be sure to have sufficient stock of your things.

Your worst case scenario is that you will have stock left over for December Xmas
sales so, don’t be afraid to stock up like you’re going to war. There will be a
charge, you will feel the rush and customers will be disappointed if you only have
10 cute V-neck T’s available at 65% discount.


Confidence is keen, but foolishness is unforgivable.

Be sure to have an exit strategy on the off chance that something goes wrong on
this high intensity day. If your site crashes, know how to have it up and running
ASAP along with alternative means to shopping the next day perhaps with promo codes at the ready.

Test your navigation and be sure to test the checkout process for any trouble.

7-Walk your way out 

You most likely already have a core group of loyal consumers on your list.

You know, the regulars at the bar. Be sure to send them promo codes for
signing up to that newsletter or for supporting you in the beginning stages.
Provide them with early access to the BlackFriday sales a day early where there’s no pressure.
They will be back in 2020 and more eager than ever before.

That’s us for this list of “do’s, don’t’s and good to know’s “ during these mad times.


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