Product descriptions and the SEO they need:

What is better than leading your potential customers to believe that they have stumbled upon and therefore, “discovered” your site?
Few things in life are as good as finding a secret little place of your own.
Just so, the internet is a virtual playground filled with hordes of nooks and crannies waiting to be found by people
wanting to be part of the conversation yet, unique from the crowd.

What does this have to do with product descriptions?
Everything! There are 2 groups of people that you, the eCommerce genius that you are about to become, need to impress and they are the Google elves and your target audience.

Your target audience we assume you already have summed up and understand how to talk to them.
The Google elves however, they can be wooed with words especially with well optimized product descriptions.

What you need to understand is that clients don’t know what the name of that one little shop that sells egg squeezers with custom etchings on them. All they know is that they want an egg squeezer and that they want to buy it at 3 am in the morning after a night of steady drinking and money that doesn’t fit into their bank accounts.

This will never mean that the client will search for in his pursuit of happiness. He will search for key phrases such as “cool silver etched egg squeezer delue” and look at the first few sites that claim to sell them. 

This is why if you are in the egg squeezing industry and plan on running a successful eCommerce store, you will be better off taking a day to decide how to describe each and every product on your virtual shelves.

Here is a list of key factors to take note of when winding up to write an at least optimised description of your products :


Do not take shortcuts

What we mean by this is not to use the same description twice!
Google hates duplicates on a site as much as you hate filler episodes in an otherwise interesting binge series.


Be sure not to have any “spelling errours or poorly grammar,” in your descriptions.

Write what people want to see

This is YOUR target audience. You know what they would like to hear about when describing a product.
Use the jargon to your advantage and convince them that you are legit daddyo!


When describing your products, don’t talk about your own company.
The reader must forget that they are being sold on something.
Speak about the benefits and unique attributes of the product,
not how your brand is proud to host it on its shelves

Believe it when you see it

Include high-quality images of your product both in its packaged form as well as in active use.
You need to make them see how it will look so that they want it or even so that they don’t imagine it looking different.
Nothing loses you a client like the infamous “buyers remorse” syndrome.
Don’t be associated with that.

Clear copy and exclusivity

Do your best not to make your description dull whether it is in a serious tone or in a humorous one, be sure that it is appropriate.
A good way to end off a description is to include a few classic phrases like
“get them before they are gone” or “limited edition”, it creates intangible value
that is worth a lot of money.

That’s our little guide on product descriptions and the SEO needed in order to give your online shop just a little more of an edge.

You can of course leave a request to give all the effort a skip and leave the SEO
writing to the blogger writing this post, it would help his financial situation…
he’s a lovely man…humble…bewilderingly handsome…Anyway!

We hope to see a lot more describing and hope to do a lot more reading of
interesting descriptions in our future thanks to you, potential client!

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