8 Signs it’s time for a new website!

Even as little as one of these 8 signs should be reason enough for you to contact YOBO Studio and put you on a road of website freshness!


Your website is not reflecting your brand, it reflects something else

This will happen when you have outgrown your start-up business and your current website only reflects your original minimum viable product website or strategy. Your brand and website must grow, and it must be clear on who your ideal client is and what you offer them.


Your marketing is inconsistent with your website branding

Whether it is on social media or other many forms of advertising, your marketing attempts should match your website. In other words, your branding must remain consistent. When your ideal client visits your website and it doesn’t match your marketing material, it can be confusing for them. One of the best ways to build trust is with a consistent visual identity throughout your website, marketing materials, and social media all communicating the single-minded message of your brand and what it is about.


Your website is not customer orientated

When your ideal client visits your website, they expect to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Potential customers do not want to spend 25 minutes searching for your services or a specific product you are selling. Using clear words in your navigation (about, services, blog) and clear call-to-action phrases or “buzzwords” is very important and will allow them to easily navigate your site. A web designer can help you prioritise your website content.


Your website does not have a brand goal

What are you trying to achieve with your website and brand?

It’s important to have a brand goal with your website so that you know what you’re ultimately working towards.
It provides direction and clarity about what your website is about.


 Your website is not reflecting its purpose

Why does your business exist, and what does it stand for?

Whether your website is for a Guesthouse, NGO or to sell used coffee machines, it should reflect this purpose as soon as a customer lands on your page.


Your website is so boring that Customers avoid it.

Your website should reflect your unique business. If your website is using similar colours, fonts, layout and stock images as all the other in
your industry, what is making your website memorable to visitors?


You don’t even like your website

When you find it hard to even look at your website, you cringe every time it opens, you don’t even tell your clients you have a website.
It’s time for a new website! If you don’t like it, how will others like it?


Your website is not working for you, you are working for your website

You are constantly doing what your website should be doing for you.

Do you have to email your clients to give them information that they should have found on your website, or do you have to sell your products via email because your eCommerce site has a lack of images or information?

Your website should help to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when someone is looking to learn more about you and what you offer.

If this describes your experience, it’s time for a brand and website facelift.

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